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Dabble & Dollop

All-Natural Bath Bombs - Variety Pack

All-Natural Bath Bombs - Variety Pack

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Set of 2. One box each of our all-natural Original and Tropical Bath Bombs. (24-count in total) USA made without artificial fragrance, colors or dyes.

Our all-natural, clean, and safe bath bombs deliver a gentle, moisturizing, and enchanting experience that both children and parents adore. Free from artificial dyes, colors, and toys, these bath bombs focus on pure, all-natural fizzy enjoyment. Features a soothing, hydrating formula that leaves skin soft and revitalized. Dabble & Dollop Droplets boast 100% natural ingredients and are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and proudly made in California, USA, guaranteeing the highest quality standards. Note: Each Droplet is individually wrapped in a thin, recyclable plastic wrapper, designed to maintain the bath bomb's integrity during shipping and to preserve the enticing scents at home.

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