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Dabble & Dollop

Easter Bath Bombs Set

Easter Bath Bombs Set

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Available only this Spring, Dabble & Dollop's Spring Edit Bomb Set, a delightful combination of our Honeydew Melon and Tangerine scents that promise to elevate bath time fun for kids. These 100% natural, clean, and safe bath bombs provide a gentle, moisturizing, and enchantingly fragrant experience that kids and parents alike will adore. Leave behind artificial dyes, colors, and toys, and immerse yourself in the pure joy of all-natural fizzy relaxation.

Our 6-Unit Bath Bomb Set includes:

  • 6 kid-friendly bath bombs, each 1 inch in size, tailored for an unforgettable bath experience
  • A harmonious blend of our Honeydew Melon and Tangerine scents: 3 Honeydew Melon and 3 Tangerine
  • A soothing, hydrating formula that leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed, and revitalized

Dabble & Dollop Spring Edit Bath Bomb Set is 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and proudly made in California, USA, ensuring the highest quality standards. Our box is perfectly decorated for a quick Spring treat, or an add-on for that birthday present you forgot to shop for! 

Please note that each bath bomb is individually wrapped in a thin, recyclable plastic casing to protect its integrity during shipping and to preserve the delightful scents at home. Our eco-friendly packaging maintains the freshness and quality of our bath bombs.

Make bath time an exciting, sensory adventure for your child with Dabble & Dollop's Spring Edit Bath Bomb Set. As a top-rated, best-selling bath and body product, our customers love the soothing, calming effects and the long-lasting, captivating scents our bath bombs provide.

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